H&M – Men’s Summer Sale 2019

Within weeks of the summer sales, it’s a good idea to know what the brands that sell the most are ready. In this case, we talk about H & M and the summer sales for men 2019, on discounts that can reach up to 60% in some of their proposals. Let’s see below, all about H & M- Summer Sale for Men 2019 .

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When are the Summer 2019 sales at H & M

First of all, it is convenient to know when are the summer sales at H & M . What days this discount period begins in each Autonomous Community, bearing in mind that this brand is present throughout Spain.

 rebates-hym "width =" 600 "height =" 340 "/> I leave you the calendar of <strong> summer sales by H & M Communities </strong>. The firm will generally start its sales in July though do not be surprised that some of its stores already have discounts starting in June.</p>
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Summer Sale 2019 at H & M | Trends and proposals

In a few weeks, the Summer Sale 2019 of the H & M Firm will start. Again it will be time to review our wardrobe and thus renew, from the basic to what is trend for next summer. Nothing better than the sale period of H & M, where we can find discounts of between 30 and 70%.

Let’s see then what trends we can find in this firm, so that we do not miss anything and we can dress the latest.


We started the review of the summer sales 2019 at H & M with the shirts. This season, the shirts printed come from the most diverse. Up to 16 models of different colors and designs to choose from in the H & M catalog, for only 9.99 euros . And that without discounts.

If you want something cooler, you also have up to 7 alternatives. The H & M premium printed t-shirts rise to 12.99 euros but offer designs that are not suitable for all customers. Surely they have a discount on when they get the summer sale 2019 in H & M

This summery look of the line Trend Tropical, is composed of a shirt in mottled gray with details on cuffs and front pocket, shirt made of cotton and for 12.99 €.


To combine the shirts in summer, nothing like shorts. In this case, the summer sales 2019 at H & M will come with news. For starters, this basic Chinese cotton shorts and basic zipper closure. It is available in 13 colors and its price is 19.99 euros .

Another more current option is this jeans denim shorts washed with five pockets . A revolutionary design with seams on the knees and available in light and dark. Its price is 29.99 euros but it is in promotion with a discount of 33% . And they have not yet started the summer sales 2019 at H & M

Finally, we bring you some tight cut shorts in khaki green twill with the detail of the lowered back for 14.99 euros. If you wait for the summer sale 2019 in H & M you may get it cheaper.


We now go to see the cowboys, one of the top sales of H & M. And the first thing we show you is this five-pocket denim jeans in elastic and washed denim . Very tight in the legs, aims to be one of the best-selling models in the summer sale 2019 in H & M . For now, it costs 29.99 euros and you have it in nine colors.

Another adjusted option, this summer’s trend, is this elastic denim skinny cowboy . The fabric adapts to the leg to make it comfortable like the skin itself. You have it in six different colors and its price is 19.99 euros .

The last denim we show you is this Bermuda denim washed with details maxidesgastados and low frayed without finishing for 24.99 euros. You may have a discount between 30% and 60% on the H & M Summer 2019 rebates

Chinese trousers

Fixed but informal. The perfect mix in the H & M catalog is the cotton skinny fit cotton woven trousers . With a tight fit and extra-tight legs, you can get it in beige or dark blue. Its price is 24.99 euros, pending the discount on summer discounts 2019 at H & M

And if you want something more daring, you have these chinos with drawstring and skinny legs . The coolest Chinese of the moment have a price of 14.99 euros and three colors to choose from.

This pretty tan urban set ideal for sharing a nice afternoon with friends, consisting of chinos in cotton twill with wash effect, slim fit cut right now costs 24,99 €.

This nice and comfortable loose-fitting shirt ideal for better freedom of movement and with a nice color block design for € 12.99. In e the period of sales that H & M prepares for its summer campaign, we can find it with a good discount, since the brand makes discounts of between 30% and 70%.


We go back to the top and we do it with the shirts that sweep this summer in the H & M catalog. In this case, we start with a classic model, this regular fit shirt in cotton spikelet fabric and American collar . Available in three colors, its price is 24.99 euros. You will have secure discounts during the summer sales 2019 at H & M

And without leaving the stripes, trend this summer, we bring you this cotton short sleeve shirt with English collar . A classic that always works and that in H & M they offer you up to 13 colors. Its price is 12.99 euros and aims to go down with the summer sales 2019 in H & M

To spend a nice sunset on the beach this comfortable and fresh set of long sleeve shirt in washed cotton fabric, this shirt with a comfortable American type collar, costs about 19.99 euros catalog. If we buy it in the period of sales with a up to 30% discount the wait will have been worth it.


Not everyone knows that the fashion sports is more than relevant in H & M. For sample, this running jersey, made of breathable mesh and quick drying. You have up to five models to choose from, all of them for 12.95 euros.

Who said hoods are not for summer? This thick knit sweatshirt short sleeve and hood is sweeping. With ventilation, laces, mesh lining and longer back, its design is amazing. In addition, you have them in three colors and for only 24.99 euros .

With the many trends that we have shown you, and why to go, in this new season of summer sales, we must also add sports fashion.

In this way, bet on a sale in which to buy breathable shirts, shorts, sports jackets and even the right shoes so you can enjoy a summer in which you will also exercise during the holidays.


The summer of H & M comes loaded with intense colors a little odd for the season in which the blue sky, pure white and the pictures invade the section of the shirts for this summer season. A casual style and very sports or elegant and sophisticated with which, combined to your liking, you can create your own look.

The blazer is the indispensable garment this summer and for any other occasion. In H & M we will find a wide selection of blazers that we will get for an incredible price thanks to the rebates of H & M . You have them in all colors from gray, through brown, more intense colors and ending with black classics. You choose!

Now, the model that is sold out in almost all stores is this slim fit blazer in stretch fabric and flaps with notch. With a tight fit, it is more cut in chest and waist, you can find it in nine different models. All of them for 59.99 euros .

It could not be missing in the summer catalog 2019 H & M the slim fit linen blazer . High quality, slim fit and four colors to choose from, it is ideal for an elegant event in summer. Fresh and current, it can be yours for 69.99 euros .


And what about bermuda shorts? Well, they are sweeping sales at H & M. To begin with, for its price. These Bermuda shorts of classic cotton that you have available in six colors, cost 9.99 euros . Logically they are exhausted almost before leaving. They will raze in the summer sales 2019 in H & M

Another alternative are the same Bermudas but in its Slim Fit version . In this case, they are more adjusted by the thighs to refine the silhouette. Available in two colors, you have a 20% discount to apply your current price 19.95 euros. And still missing for the summer sales 2019 in H & M

On the other hand I’ve already mentioned the variety of colors for the Bermudas but the truth is that no matter how they are already this type of pants are simply an essential trend every summer season so take advantage of these discounts so that you can buy designs like the ones you see below and in trendy colors. Navy blue and white.

Printed shirts

Another of the top sales of H & M are the printed shirts. His designs, groundbreaking and modern, sweep in summer and do it for its price, 12.99 euros each unit . In this case, short sleeve shirt with cotton and English collar . Available in 11 different models, the cut of all of them is standard.

Another one of the 11 models of printed shirt that has the catalog of H & M summer 2019 . Undoubtedly, a remarkable variety of colors and a more than interesting price, pending the sales .

See how well combine this type of shorts with the most fashionable shirts, those with different prints or those that are presented in colors such as blue, black and others that you will also find in these sales Summer 2019.

Also do not forget the most fashionable prints: those of flowers. In H & M we found shirts like the one above so we have now the 2019 summer sales to get them and look the latest.

And for those of you who are thinking about the sun, vacations and the beach, start looking at the proposals for the quieter days. Printed or peaked shirts worn with printed, colored or swimsuits with shorts that we will now see.


If you do not wear a fashionable swimsuit this season, it’s because you do not want to. Check out the latest H & M sales offers. In colors as fashionable as green or with the tropical print of which we have already told you, which is trend.

In fact, this short swimsuit combines the green and the floral print . The trends of this summer, for only 19.99 euros. You have it also in dark color and waiting for the summer sale H & M 2019 .

If you want something more tight but without going over, this printed fabric swimsuit is available in 19 models. Its price is 14.99 euros and it will be hard to find them because they are being a sales success.

After showing you the trends of the moment between the new H & M, we want you to see these others in a photo gallery that will be very useful to inspire you when you go to buy their sales.

We leave you a photo gallery of the summer H & M proposals to buy on sale:

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