How to grow the beard: tricks to make it grow fast

The beard is fashionable!. This is an easy fact to demonstrate in the days we live, because when the beard began to popularize with the hipster movement, something was activated in the thinking of many men: Am I more attractive with a beard ?. The answer is that it feels great to many, but how to grow a beard ? What routines do I have to follow? or just how long does it take to grow?

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How to grow the beard

The tendency to wear a beard has become something that seems to affect the vast majority of men, but the truth is that it takes some time to achieve a beard in conditions, so if what you want is ] to get the beard to grow faster or more leafy we can follow a series of routines or implant in them a series of habits that will make the beard grow strong and in a short time.

It is not a matter of magic, it will not be a miraculous product that will make us look like a beard overnight, but changes in our way of looking after ourselves that will make our beard be the best of all.

How to grow the beard faster

The reasons why men leave their beards can be very varied, for giving a more masculine appearance for covering up some imperfection or simply for correcting features as it can be a jaw too square or a very wide and round face.

The question is how much does the beard grow per month? this question has a difficult answer since not all men grow facial hair at the same speed, in some cases for genetic reasons and in others perhaps for lack of vitamins. But one thing if we can verify and is that the more anxiety manifest because it grows rapidly, the slower it seems to grow.

Hormone factors are a very important factor because of the effects that testosterone has on the growth of facial hair. The hair follicles are formed thanks to this hormone so the high testosterone index will cause a greater growth of the beard.

The remedy will therefore be to maintain healthy skin, take the necessary vitamins and not touch or trim the hair when it begins to grow. Let’s see what steps we must take to get a good beard in the shortest possible time.

How to grow the beard faster – Take care of the skin

The best way to clean the skin is to make a exfoliation, a simple way to make our own exfoliating cream is by mixing a natural yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of sugar stir and we have ready a cream that we can apply on the foot.

Anyway we have in the market with different brands of exfoliating creams and special for male skin . With the exfoliation we solve the problem of the dead cells that remain in the foot, in this way stimulates the growth of a new hair.

Apply the mask on the face and let it act for about 15 minutes, apply a massage in circles and then ejuágate. Try to keep the skin clean by washing it with clean water and with the help of a cleanser both in the morning when you get up, and in the evening before going to bed. The cleaner we have the skin the easier the hair will grow.

Another product that you should always have on hand is a moisturizer our advice is that you use a moisturizer with eucalyptus oil, since these are great stimulants for the growth of the hair . Before applying a moisturizer, clean well the skin of any dry skin or flake.

Frequently reviewing the skin of the face will help you to detect those small ingrown hairs in the pore, this review is very important because if we do not treat this problem quickly, the beard it will not grow as well as the possible skin condition it may cause.

Vello encarnado

Another factor that benefits the skin of the face and therefore favors the growth of the beard is rest enough . With rest the keratin of the skin begins to work, helping to repair damaged cells with what this means as a benefit for hair growth.

Stress is another factor that prevents the normal growth of hair in general and hair in particular, maintaining a more relaxed attitude not only get to grow hair but the benefits you get of at all levels in terms of health. Try to do relaxation exercises with them you will improve blood circulation by oxygenating the body and therefore the hair follicles of the beard.

How to grow the beard faster – Vitamin skin

One of vitamins most important and involved in cell duplication especially in the rapidly growing cells so biotin will increase the growth of both nails and hair. It has been stipulated that consuming 2.5 mg / day of biotin will make your beard grow faster.

Another important vitamin for hair growth is vitamin B, both B1, B6 and especially B12, these vitamins are the ones that are advised to take in treatments of stress loss of the hair and even in some treatments not too invasive of cancer, with excellent results. In pharmacies you can find different laboratories that provide these vitamins for capillary use.

Foods rich in Biotin

Food is another important factor especially in terms of proteins, fish, meat, eggs or nuts and also fruits and vegetables will provide the necessary nutrients and minerals that will be the best allies for facial hair.

How to grow the beard faster – Do not touch the beard

When you begin to see the first hairs on the beard, do not ever touch them, I know it’s hard to resist but the best thing you can do is to avoid touching them, you’ll have a chance when it grows within a month or month and a half that will already be populated.

The old beliefs that if you shave regularly the hair will grow stronger or faster, it has been proven to be a lie, it grows at the same speed, the difference is that if the hair is pulled from the root, this will grow again with its fine tip, while if we cut or shave the only thing we get is to cut the protruding part, that is, leaving the cut on its thickest side, hence the feeling of a strongest birth. A hoax you should not listen to.

Possibly when you start to grow your beard you feel some type of itching or stinging it’s normal and it will go away but you can still resort to creams with hydrocortisone to apply to your skin. the beard, in this way you will alleviate these annoying initial irritations.

We also have to take into account the optical illusion of rapid hair growth, dark hair will give the feeling of looking thicker simply by the color just like curly hair will cover areas of skin faster than a smoother beard.

How to grow beard routines

Many men find it hard to take care of their skin, since many think that this is a women’s thing only. However, they do not realize the opportunities they lose daily to get what they want, as in this case, a prettier beard or a much more elastic skin.

 grow-the-beard-attractive "width =" 600 "height =" 410 "/> Why are facial routines for the beard important? The reason is very simple, we just have to think about how the skin and facial hair work. First of all we must bear in mind that <strong> the hair must break a thin layer of skin to leave and grow </strong>so if this layer is strong, its growth will be delayed.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard routines – Exfoliation

If what we want is that it grows easily what we will do is eliminate that layer that is left over and that can actually be considered dead skin. How will we do it? With peels once a week . Beware of this, since doing it more often will cause irritation.

How to grow the beard routines – Hydration

After an exfoliation, always we must hydrate the face well but never with body cream, since it is more fat. It must be specific to the skin of the face. As a suggestion, I recommend using one of eucalyptus, since promotes hair growth .

How to grow beard routines – Cleaning

Finally it’s good that you keep clean your face every day and for that we’ll use a facial soap (also specific), so that the hair does not find impediments to grow.

How to grow the beard in four weeks

Anyway let’s see now some steps to follow with which you will be able to grow your beard in four weeks.

How to grow beard tips – Caring for your Body

If you start eating more foods that are high in protein such as eggs and fish you will notice that the hair grows more often.

 Five-steps-to-make-grow-your-bear-care-your-body "width =" 600 "height =" 600 "/> In addition, <strong> stress is a killer when It deals with hair growth, leading to hair loss in many men. </strong> Reducing the stress in your life by exercising more and sleeping the right hours at night will allow you to be better and with a beard you did not think you had. On the other hand, <strong> exercise will improve the circulation of blood in the body, which helps to promote the growth of facial hair. </strong></p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard tips – Commitment to the Process

When you are trying to grow your beard quickly, you will live a period where the skin will become itchy to the point that you will be scratching your beard day and night. This discomfort is over if you shave but that’s not what you want, right?

 Five-steps-to-make-grow-your-beard-commitment-to-the-process "width =" 600 "height =" 375 "/> So that the beard grows you have to be willing to Allow at least four weeks for the hairs to grow properly.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard tips – Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to eating better, you can help your beard grow faster by supplementing your diet with the right vitamins and minerals .

This supplement, available in natural food stores, will help increase both the growth of the nails and facial hair.

How to grow beard tips – Let the beard grow without further

During the first month of letting your beard grow, you will notice that it looks like a wild forest growing on your face. Do not try to fix anything, do not cut, do not shave a little, do not do anything!

 Five-steps-to-make-grow-your-beard-let-the-beard-grow-without-more "width =" 600 "height =" 401 "/> Once you arrive at 4 or 6 weeks, then you can start shaping your beard, and start removing hair, remembering and even shaving areas where you do not want hair.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow your beard tips – Accept your beard

One of the things you need to know to understand your efforts to grow a beard quickly is that facial hair is not like the hair on your head. When the growth of a beard starts, the hair just will not come out at every single point of our face.

 Five-steps-to-make-grow-your-beard-accept-your-beard "width =" 600 "height =" 799 "/> Your genetics will determine where and how many hairs it is going to have the beard so that you do not get discouraged if you realize that there are areas in which it seems that you have zero facial hair and others in which it does not stop growing.</p>
<h2> <span id= How to grow beard natural treatments

Thanks to the advice we have given above, we will get the beard to grow correctly. We will not only get a beard that grows dense and well-leveled, but we will improve in health.

But to get the beard to grow faster, we can pull the mother nature and use its natural products, so that it grows quickly and spectacularly.

How to grow beard natural treatments – Olive oil

 how-to-grow-the-beard-natural-treatments-olive-oil "width =" 600 "height =" 338 "/> Olive oil is a natural moisturizer of the most powerful. Undoubtedly, facial hair, if you want to be careful, you have to have it hydrated and if you maintain optimal hydration, the health of your hair will be much bigger and its growth will be promoted. Therefore, it is necessary that once a week, you give him a good massage based on olive oil, allowing him to penetrate the components in the pores, to moisturize and maintain the hydrated beard, which will encourage him to grow.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard natural treatments – Eucalyptus oil

 how-to-grow-the-beard-natural-treatments-oil-of-eucalyptus "width =" 600 "height =" 575 "/> Without doubt the most natural way for your beard to take momentum. You just have to mix a few drops with half a glass of warm water and apply it with a vaporizer or with the fingertips. Apply the mixture a couple of times a week, with a massage of circular movements. Also, it will leave your beard fresh and very manageable.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard natural treatments – Cinnamon

This mixture is a bit cumbersome because then this mixture sticks to your skin and is not very comfortable, since you feel sticky. But thanks to this mixture, you will not only keep it hydrated, but you will give it a darker touch. It will eliminate gray hair and, in addition, will give a more lush effect to the beard.

 how-to-grow-the-beard-natural-treatments-cinnamon-honey-lemon "width =" 600 "height =" 432 "/> Mix the juice of a lemon, with a spoonful of cinnamon and two tablespoon of honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply it with your fingers very carefully. Help yourself with a comb to get it everywhere. Then, remove the excess mixture and let it dry for 45 minutes. Remove the mixture and wash it normally. It will be very soft.</p>
<p>Try not to expose yourself to the sun, because the lemon causes the color to oxidize and if you have dark hair, it will make it reddish or blond.</p>
<h3> <span id= How to grow beard natural treatments – Onion

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