Sale – Panama Jack Summer Mens 2019

There is very little to start the Sale 2019 so these days we are already seeing the proposal of the major firms in shoe issues. Panama Jack, now launches its newest collection that will also have outstanding discounts soon so it is a good time to take a look at their main proposals and choose those that interest us to buy cheaper. Here we tell you about Panama Jack – Winter Sale for Men 2019 .

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When are the 2019 summer sales at Panama Jack

Next, and after seeing all the proposals of the footwear Panama Jack to go during the winter sales 2019 nothing like see also what we will find in summer.

As we already said and knowing that these stores are in all of Spain, it will be good that we now give you the dates of all the calendar by Communities and also, thus advance the dates of the Summer calendar 2019 .

Dates of the Panama Jack Sale Calendar 2019

Summer sale 2019 at Panama Jack | Shoes and sandals

Within the line that Panama Jack presents to us in its spring summer catalog, it should be noted the two lines that are trends in terms of comfortable and sporty shoe .

 sale-pamama-jack-footwear-man-nautico2 "width =" 550 "height =" 366 "/> A more beach line among which we highlight his well-known sandals and another much <em> more elegant </em> but without departing from comfort, such as lace shoes, both lines use the technology developed by the brand that allows a perfect footprint, keeping our feet in perfect condition.</p>
<h3> <span id= Kalvin leather shoes

The Kalvin leather shoes maintain the spirit of Panama Jack but are also ideal for summer. Manufactured in nappa leather, they are lined on the inside, the same as the insole, which, yes, is removable. Light and resistant, you have them for 149 euros although in summer discounts 2019 Panama Jack can apply discounts of up to 70%.

Shoes with leather lining Detroit

Ideal for everyday wear, Detroit leather lining shoes are made of Nubuck leather and are lined with leather inside. The template is removed and they are ultra lightweight and very durable. Its price is 129 euros and are available in khaki, navy blue and gray. They will have a safe discount in summer.

Nautical leather Coast

The nautical leather coast is one of Panama Jack’s best-selling shoes, comfortable, elegant and classic design but reconverted. Made in skin napa pull up they have a padded insole of leather that is easily removed. His price is 109 euros . And yes, they are manufactured in Spain.

Leather shoe with lining Panama 2

Who says that the black is demodé? The z skin apses with lining Panama 2 demonstrate the opposite. Comfortable, made of oiled nappa leather and, above all, resistant to water from. The insole is removable and the sole rubber is much more flexible than it looks. They are available in black and brown for 139 euros .

Sandal with leather lining Arturo Clay

The trend of the Summer Sale 2019 at Panama Jack points to these leather sandals with leather lining Arturo Clay. Elegant and fresh, are manufactured in napa pull-up and the interior is lined. The plant is anatomical, the cork floor and its price is 95 euros.

Sauron leather sandal

The Sauron leather sandal is available in two colors, black and white . In both, the result is fun and comfortable sandals. It is a semi-open model with velcro closure and anatomical plant lined in leather. Do not forget that your standing plant is a pancake. Its price is 129 euros.

Fletcher Basics leather sandal

For 109 euros you have available these Fletcher Basics leather sandals . Ideal for when the heat hits, this semi-open sandal has Velcro closure and well-oiled nappa leather.

Salman leather sandal

Available in black, brown and leather, Salman leather sandals are 99 euros . Of course, waiting for the sales of Panama-Jack where some models will lower their prices. Hopefully the Salman sandal is one of them.

Cruise leather sandal

The Cruze leather sandal features the novel SoftSystem in which the best plants work exclusively. For the rest, this sandal is made in Napa. Its price is 99 euros and aims to wipe out the Panama Jack 2019 summer sale.

Shoes of the North type

Panama Jack in its North line, made of oiled skin and water resistant, ideal for the man who likes risk and is always prepared for adventure.
These shoes right now have a price of 129 euros, but if we wait for the 2019 summer sales of Panama Jack we can buy them with discounts of up to 70%.

 sale-pamama-jack-footwear-man-mocasin "width =" 600 "height =" 426 "/> The same goes for the line of <strong> Panama Jack, Domani are shoes made of leather nobuck </strong>in brown or navy blue, we highlight the perforations in the front, for better ventilation, designed for young people more restless, this model costs 129 euros store, but in <strong> the sales that prepares Panama Jack Summer 2019 </strong>we can get them for a much more affordable price.</p>
<h3> <span id= Sandals Meridien

The line of Sandals that Panama Jack presents for this summer season, ideal to go out with some shorts to have a snack with friends, for those moments in which we like to be comfortable without forgetting the elegance.

 sale-pamama-jack-footwear-man-sandal-meridian "width =" 480 "height =" 425 "/> <strong> The Meridian line of Panama Jack </strong>belongs to that type of sandals, closed, which provides a safe footprint, sandals made of oiled leather, taupe color, like the one in the photo above, or in black, natural rubber sole, very adherent, the closures are by Velcro system and breathable fabric<br />
This model costs <em> 119 euros </em>if we buy them in the <strong> summer sales of the firm Panama Jack, </strong> we can <em> save up to 70%. </em></p>
<h3> <span id= The Sandals Florence

Another model of sandal we want to highlight is the Florence line made in Napa and with velcro fasteners, these sandals are ideal for hot days, because our feet will stay fresh and dry.

 sale-pamama-jack-footwear-man-sandal-florence "width =" 555 "height =" 450 "/> Sandals that have a <em> value of 109 euros </em> and that we can get at a great price if we take advantage of <strong> the period of sales that Panam Jack is preparing for this summer 2019. </strong></p>
<p>The <strong> sandals can also mark an elegant style at the same time that casual </strong>everything will depend on how we combine it, if accompanied by a Chinese type shorts and a shirt, we will get a casual and youthful look, but if instead of shorts we opted for a long pants with rolled-up bottoms, a nice white shirt with micro-prints and we’ll get a much more serious and formal look.</p>
<p><img class= The Giancarlo shoes

If you are looking for some other model that is closed or that is a shoe for more formal occasions, we can choose the Giancarlo shoes that as you can see in the image above can combine very well with some jeans, some chinos and even some than another dress suit.

Shoes that are laced and have a color, between brown and gray, which makes it ideal for all kinds of “looks” or so that we combine with neutral tones as it marks the This season’s trend.

The shoes Davor

We can also get the shoe Davor, a leather model that is also closed like the previous one but with a slightly more sporty style, so that you can not only wear it for to combine it with jeans or chinos, but They can also be a bet to wear with a matching bermuda shorts.

Leather sandals

Surely by saying Panama Jack you come to mind some of their models of winter footwear and especially their boots but the truth is that this firm has proposals of all types and in summer, you will find a fresh shoes and shoes that will be cheaper if you buy them in sales that also set a trend.

 sale-panama-jack-of-summer-for-man-2015-PROPOSALS-sandals-with-strips-collection-Meridien "width =" 599 "height =" 486 "/> Put aside the flip-flops and <strong> bet on sandals like these from the Meridian line that you can combine with your jeans or chinos. </strong></p>
<h3> <span id= Burma Sandals

What do you think about the Sandals of the Burma line? Footwear as appropriate as this is what you will find in the Panama Jack sales so take the opportunity to buy it at a better price and take advantage of it during the holidays.

 sale-panama-jack-of-summer-for-man-2015-PROPOSALS-sandals-collection-Burma "width =" 599 "height =" 486 "/></p>
<h3> <span id= The Iker line

And if you’re looking for closed footwear between what Panama Jack is proposing this season nothing like choosing the Iker line with laces closure . Shoes made in nappa leather and natural leather inner lining to match your street looks and the fashion you wear for everyday.

 sale-panama-jack-of-summer-for-man-2015-PROPOSALS-shoes-collection-IKER "width =" 599 "height =" 486 "/></p>
<h3> <span id= Sanders sandals

The sanders known as Sanders, are comfortable, fresh and more than recommended among our purchases for the sales of this summer 2018. You can wear them every day, combine with all kinds of shorts and shorts and count as not, with the quality of a prestigious firm.

When are the 2019 Summer Sale at Panama Jack

Before we begin to see Panama Jack’s proposals to go for the next sale of the firm for the winter season 2019, it will be good to know when they are going to start. In this way, we can say that they will start in January and end in March, although knowing that the firm is present throughout Spain, it is necessary to know the dates of its calendar by autonomous communities.

Dates of the Panama Jack Sale Calendar 2019

Summer Sale Panama Jack 2019 | Boots

We begin by looking at this review of the Panama Jack sales for the winter season, speaking of its more traditional designs: the boots, in which the firm is a specialist. We see them one by one and in detail.

The “vintage” style boots are trend, so that from its more traditional model, Panama Jack presents this model that we see below, combining suede and leather but with a reinforcement for that we can step on wet without problem. Models like this can have up to 30% discount when the next sale of the firm comes.

On the other hand and if you are very guided by the color trends, nothing like choosing also the most classic model of Panama Jack, in khaki . A type of boot that you can combine with jeans and that in rebates can get up to a 40% discount.

Take advantage of the sales of Panama Jack to get one of the models « Gore Tex » of the firm, so that you can wear a more resistant boot ideal for the cold , snow or rain. This type of boot can be on sale with a 20% discount .

And since these sales are for winter, we can still take advantage of proposals to provide an extra coat, such as the models of boots with fur lining inside.


To see other proposals of Panama Jack in regards to the boots for the upcoming winter sales 2019, do not miss the photo gallery below:

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