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One of the accessories or accessories that could in fact be considered one more item of clothing, although it is something that we use every day are socks; and in the case of men, it should be noted that far from sports or those known as “executive”, we can now find a wide variety.

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<p>Men’s socks, in the same way as those of <strong> women </strong>will vary depending on whether we have to dress in our day to day, to go to work, to play sports, to dress in a way elegant or <strong> party </strong>etc … I repeat that there are varied and also with different styles and colors.</p>
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As are socks for men:

Socks for everyday wear : The socks that men can wear in their day to day, whether to go to work or to be at home, are a type of sock that is far removed of those models in dark colors, usually black, that were worn before, although it seems that it has become fashionable to wear socks that are of different colors or prints that stand out. For example, we can make socks that combine shades, stripes, rhombuses, all of them are fashionable and in fact are easy to find both in specialized firms as is the case of Calzedonia or others that sell all kinds of clothes such as Zara or H & M.

Party socks : It’s not that there’s a type of socks that are for dress or for a party but you can choose those models that are something more “formal” and in shades like black or the dark brown.

Winter or summer socks: Winter socks are usually much thicker, while summer socks will be much thinner. Usually in summer it is better to bet on footwear without socks, but currently we can find sock designs that are short and made in fairly fresh fabrics so we can bet on them if we do not feel comfortable going without socks.

The best socks | Models and brands

Let’s see below, what are the best models of socks that we can find in the market, from brands that have specialized in this garment. With them you make sure you have quality socks for every occasion.

Gold Toe cotton sports socks

Any search for the best socks should start with, Gold Toe a specialized firm that has maintained its high-quality socks for more than 80 years.

In particular we have to mention the sports sock Cotton Crew from Gold Toe made for you to enjoy quality and comfort. Made from the finest threads, Gold Toe offers careful reinforcement in the area of ​​the fingers thanks to the particularly flat seams that provide a more comfortable fit.

The rounded heels of Gold Toe make it very comfortable, while the cotton is soft and breathable . It is a sports sock, but they are suitable for a wide variety of activities.

The Cotton Crew sport sock, like all Gold Toe socks, has the AquaFX technology to keep feet dry. Golden gold toe is a mixture of nylon, polyester and spandex to help the process.

It’s a good idea for each season, that is, it keeps your feet cool during the summer and warm during the colder months.

Its price is around 10 euros per pair and you can buy them easily in online stores like Amazon.

Comfort fit socks by Saucony

Another of the best socks that we can find on the market today is Comfort Fit from a somewhat better known firm: Saucony .

This type of socks add moisture control thanks to a series of ultra-absorbent fibers . These socks also include mesh ventilation that creates a maximum airflow to keep feet cool and dry.

Your bows are designed to provide the correct amount of compression to keep your ankle secure and stable. There are also designed to prevent the sock from slipping and pile up, which is never comfortable while the sole is slightly padded.

They are short, although high enough to protect the heel from chafing and blistering s. They are so comfortable that they are even suitable for formal footwear.

These socks with comfortable fit for men by Saucony consist of 95% polyester, 3% rubber and 2% spandex. The mixture is light, absorbs moisture and dries quickly . They are also machine washable. The price is 8 euros per pair and is sold in sports or online stores.

Dickie’s Dri-Tech Socks

Dickie’s has been in the business of producing workwear for years, so the quality of the Dri-Tech, men’s socks, is evident, reflecting the commitment of the company with excellence.

Made from 78% cotton and 19% polyester (there’s some spandex and nylon mixed in, too), the Dri-Tech provide comfort, dryness and durability to withstand everything you’ve planned do during the day.

Due to its softness we believe you will appreciate the comfortable feeling you will get with each step. Its comfort on the other hand comes from a ventilated breathing channel that improves air circulation inside the sock. It also helps evaporate. In your shoe, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the additional compression around the arch gives the right amount of support without feeling tight or too restrictive. The price of these socks is about 12 euros per pair and they are sold in the Dickie’s online store.

Short socks «No Show» by Champion

Champion has an excellent reputation for designing and creating sportswear for men and women. The “No Show” socks for men maintain that reputation.

These socks, made of 74% cotton, are super soft and comfortable, and also feature built-in moisture control thanks to their additional blend of polyester and spandex. They will dissipate sweat, control the accumulation of moisture and keep your foot cool and dry, even if you are in the middle of an intense workout.

The No Show Champion Socks for Men v have a special ankle support and internal padding for added comfort and flexibility. They are also resistant to external damage and very durable, and resistant to sweat and odor. Champion socks also feature “zonal” cushioning to help make each step better.

The price of these socks is around 10 euros per pair and can be purchased at sports stores or Amazon.

Alpine cotton socks

The style is paramount with regards to dress socks, you will find it among the models of cotton of Alpine Swiss.

These socks that also have the most varied colors, are comfortable and lightweight and adapt to the rigors of everyday life, including the kind of life you have. In many ways, they are among the best everyday socks you’ll find, especially when compared to other dress socks that have bright colors and designs.

Alpine Socks are sold in six bold, colorful patterns that will stand out regardless of the type of pants you wear. Whether you’re at work, at home or at casual social events at night, these socks will adapt to every occasion.

You will also like how they feel. They are socks composed of 73% cotton, 26% polyester and 1% elastane (a polyurethane material that is often used in tight garments), all of which contribute to make them breathable , comfortable and light.

The elastane provides enough elasticity to make it comfortable to wear throughout the day, while the elastic at the top of the sock keeps the sock secure without feeling tight in the calf.

Another advantage is that they are socks at a very affordable price, costing about 9 euros a pair. They sell them on Amazon.

Trends in the fashion of Socks for men:

Besides having seen what are the best socks that we can find from the best brands in this regard, we can see what are some of the trends when it comes to wearing socks :

Colorful socks

Talking about trends such as wearing white socks, and seeing each other; we have to add that today socks for men “suffer” a certain “exhibitionist” tendency, although it has become fashionable for them to see themselves, whatever their color.

The current fashion bets for a man who wears his pants, and especially for summer, with the hem folded up and although perhaps the most “normal” would be “eliminate” the presence of socks, the truth is that all the firms are still betting on them, even if they look and are more than colorful colors.

Socks with Bermuda shorts

It even seems that it has become fashionable to wear long socks with Bermuda shorts. It will depend on the taste of each one, although the truth is that I do not think it is anything “modern”.

Socks «Michael Jackson style»

The trend of wearing white socks and letting them see themselves with shorter pants is something that became very fashionable a couple of years ago, perhaps recalling the style that the singer used to wear Michael Jackson . This style is not that it is now fashionable, although some men still tend to wear it from time to time and depending on the situation and the time may not be an “exaggeration” but careful to make it a habit. As much as Jackson looked good or took it back in the 80s, it does not mean it’s the trend now.

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