The Sale of El Corte Inglés Summer 2019

The Sale 2019 will arrive shortly, so we can start thinking about the proposals of the main firms so that we can dress the last one saving also some money.

Among those brands that stand out in the sales, El Corte Inglés stands out thanks to its many discounts and special offers. Let’s see next, the dates and how they are going to be Rebajas de El Corte Inglés Summer 2019.

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When are the summer sales 2019 in El Corte Inglés

Once we have seen the proposals and all the dates for the Summer sales of El Corte Inglés 2019 we can not leave out the summer sales of the same firm so we leave you also the dates of when the summer ones will be celebrated.

Dates of the Summer Sales 2019 in El Corte Inglés

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | Shirts

In this section of the article we are going to show you some items that you can find in the sales of El Corte Inglés during this season of opportunities. Some are the latest trends of this summer season. We start with shirts since these have become essential in the life of any man.

The first shirt that we propose to you from the El Corte Inglés catalog for summer 2019 is from Jack & Jones . It is a slim fit shirt in white and fantasy print . With a classic collar and the signature embroidered on the chest, it is so fitted that it is most comfortable. You find it for € 39.95 waiting for the discounts.

Another somewhat more formal option is this Kaporal Raffe regular white striped cotton shirt . Comfortable as few, you have openings to favor lateral movement. Of course, it is only available in this color. That said, the shirt Kaporal Raffe has a price of 55 euros which will be reduced when the sales of El Corte Inglés begin.

And yes, the prints are trend this summer 2019 . This type of shirts can be worn with jeans, chinos or Bermudas, but they are not the only ones that “presumes” El Corte Inglés for the new season.

As you can see in this other image, El Corte Inglés summer shirts not only stand out because they are varied, but they also start showing up (on their website) with discounts. You can dress like this with the latest models of soft-toned, pastel or plaid shirts with prices that will be applied during the sales, up to a 25% discount.

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | Summer polo shirts

What would we do without men? A garment that can be the perfect garment for a casual as well as elegant style, only depends on how you combine it and the type of polo you have chosen. In addition, the best of all is that this year have become one of the essential trends in summer male fashion, so what do you expect to get a model of El Corte Inglés during the sales? summer?

We started the review by one of the top sales of the El Corte Inglés catalog for summer 2019 . It is the regular fit white short sleeve polo with palm print. Summertime, fun and very cool, he signs it Only & Sons and its price is only 19.99 euros .

Another alternative is found in Jack & Jones . There they have this slim fit short-sleeved polo in navy blue and micro-print. With a pocket on the chest, this polo is also more than affordable. Its price is 19.99 euros, but Jack & Jones usually make big discounts in summer, including 2 × 1 usual.

The truth is that this summer has a clear tendency to the earth tones and the poles of blue color . When you go to do your shopping you can check it out for yourselves.

And for those who are looking for something more color, or more variety of polos, nothing like choosing those that have fashionable prints like the one with stripes, and colors that are highlighted like the rose, Fuchsia and even black, which you will see as it combines with everything, especially shorts another of the essential items for these sales season.

Regarding the garments that combine with these poles, you can choose pants, we have the shirts of different prints as well as the polos . Among the different designs of the firm, you can choose those that are from blue or those that look striped.

The t-shirts are also worn with prints such as striped or in shades such as burgundy. All these models will combine perfectly with your favorite jeans or you can also wear them with your Chinese colors, the same ones that you have already seen above.

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | Bermuda

Along with the pants that you have already seen, you also have the shorts that are as I said, essential in the new summer season 2019. Among the many proposals of El Corte Inglés, those that are denim-like stand out . Jeans shorts that will serve you for the day to day and for the holidays, but they are not the only ones.

Without going any further, Lee a denim signature par excellence presents this bermuda of man with green camouflage print. It is 100% cotton and takes military-inspired details, such as the waist adjuster. His price is 69.95 euros

For those looking for something more formal, the Chinese shorts offered by Kaporal is more than succor. For 59 euros you have some formal shorts that, combined with a shirt or polo, look great.

Other diverse models, are the shorts of pastel colors, or those that have prints diverse as the polka dots and even the pictures.

And, of course, the Bermuda shorts denim that we find in almost all the brands available in the summer catalog 2019 of El Corte Inglés . You just have to find the one that feels best for you.

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | T-shirts

Regarding t-shirts, we have to fix as not those that have prints of all kinds and in this way, El Corte Inglés already includes in its new summer collection

The first one is this Jack & Jones shirt in navy blue and with a print on the chest. It has a round neck and an ideal color to match any trousers. Its price is 29.99 euros .

And if we want a summery look, nothing like this 100% cotton shirt in blue denim . Its tropical print is a success in this catalog. The shirt is the work of Massana and its price is 29.95 euros .

On the other hand, among the shirts for this summer 2019, you can not miss either those that have a striped print since this is perhaps one of the most worn.

El Corte Inglés has several brands for their shirts. From GAP to Jack & Jones, going through their own lines, Green Coast or Easy Wear. Soon you will have special discounts of between 20 and 30% so do not let them escape.

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | Costumes

Of course, during the sales of El Corte Inglés for this summer season 2019, you can take advantage, and get some of their costumes.

One of the most successful is having this season is this model of Puroego . It is a Tailored suit with slim fit, structured shoulders, side opening … Everything to make the body look like never before. The trousers, in addition, are fitted and skinny. Its price is 129.99 euros

Scalpers man suit in gray wool . It is a 100% wool suit with classic-cut jacket with three pockets. The sleeve ends in four buttons, has half moon lining and is available in various colors (gray and blue). You find it in the catalog of El Corte Inglés summer 2019 for 389 euros

This is the season of events, so it will always be good to have a new suit. In El Corte Inglés you will find discounted those that mark the latest trends as it is the case of the suits that are blue, and that also have a rather fitted cut. Perfect for special occasions and also to go to work.

Another of the colors that we can choose for the suits of the summer 2019, is the suit of gray color since this trend mark. In this way, take advantage of these sales to buy models of suits like this that you see above with a “slim fit” cut, perfect for example if you have to go as guests at a wedding.

And if classic fashion suits you, nothing like choosing a black suit model. A color that never goes out of style and that can get you out of more than one hurry. The certain thing is that to take advantage of the sales to buy a cheaper suit and to have reserved for occasions of all kinds, is a true success.

Sale of El Corte Inglés for Summer 2019 | Boardshorts

And since we’re in the spring summer season and you’re going to be on vacation for a while, there’s nothing like choosing a gold model swimsuit that will also be on sale at El Corte Inglés.

This cute Bermuda swimsuit from Sfera has a fuchsia palm print. You have it in the summer catalog 2019 of El Corte Inglés for 15.99 euros . And everything points to a discount on summer sales.

And if you prefer another color, you have the alternative marine blue with floral pattern. It is also from Sfera this bermuda swimsuit whose price is 15.99 euros .

However, beyond the Bermudas, we recommend that you bet on those swimsuits of a single color. They are again a trend.

And if you are looking for colors that are currently devastating, nothing like decanting for those who are swimsuits in a green or khaki since they are simply going to impose themselves in this new season and surely in You will have discounts with discounts of up to 50%

Do you want to see more articles of the catalog for the summer 2019 of El Corte Inglés and what you will find in the sales ? Take a look at this photo gallery

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